Thursday, April 17, 2008

Breaking the Law

waiting to cross street
in the middle of block
NOPD car stops
officer permits me
to jaywalk

(NOPD = New Orleans Police Department)


Poet-in-Residence said...

that's really wonderful and kind..i read of a lady in LA who was fined $100 for crossing the street too slowly.. hope you are nippy on your pins! actually it could never happen in the UK because in common law pedestrians preceeded horse & cart and therefore always have priority .. only i wouldn't dare try it the way some people drive..cheers!

WorkingWords100 said...

I wasn't sure whether to cross or not.

He could fine me on the spot for breaking the law.

However, guess it's a minor crime compared to other things that are going on...

Like the UK rule. But, I see in the movies that carriages run over people on a dark night in the countryside.