Friday, February 22, 2008

Utah out of
the tip jar

Starting in 1999, each state was allowed a design on a 25 cent coin (quarter).

5 coins are issued each year.

However, some state coins are hard to find and rarely come to my neck of the woods.

Utah's quarter was one of these.

P.S. I did replace the Utah quarter with another one.


John McDonald said...

enjoyed this isabel

Gwil W said...

me too,
by coincidence i'm collecting beer bottle tops - there are 16 different ones - one for each country in the European Soccer Chamionships, so far i have collected Austria, Switzerland, Italy and France ... the search goes enjoyably on!

Isabel said...

thanks all.

Mr. Poet - good luck with the searching. At least, it's easy for you to hop on a train and go to the country so you can get the beer tops.

Envy, envy.

I drive to another state, and it's still the same country.

jem said...

Thanks for the explanation. What fun!