Friday, May 2, 2008

Summer Haiku 2008 in a fortnight

About a fortnight to start Summer 2008 Haiku

This haiku site will end on May 12, 2008.

Is there a Haiku Soul who wants to create and administer the Summer Haiku 2008 blog?

Write to me at

I haven't been written much this Spring, but I have the feeling that Spring Haiku 2008 has been a rather productive for others. I hope that this spirit will continue in a Summer Haiku 2008 blog.


WorkingWords100 said...

You have done a wonderful job!

I love your pictures.

Thank you.

babooshka said...

Dfinately a wordmith. Summer! we are just entering winter. Thnaks for visitng my blog. I will have to investigate your others.

Alan Summers said...


I wish I could be involved but I'm doing an M.A. at present right now.

Here's hoping someone takes up the Summer mantle! ;-)

all my very best,

35 days and counting down to the deadline!
The With Words Online Haiku Competition


Pearl said...

Thank you for organizing. Without leaders, there are no followers.

Raffy Jay said...

You really are attracted to Haiku. all of you.

MovieWatcher said...

really like your blog. Will check it out from time to time. hope you don't mind

John McDonald said...

you did a great job

ardi k said...

and it's almost springtime in Minnesota
snow tomorrow they say

wordcrafter said...

I very new here, but I can see this a wonderful job and well done. I look forward to the Summer Haiku -though we haven't yet seen spring (at least in the UK:) Thanks for your work and time administering this Spring.